ExpandaBand Expandable Headbands

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Keep your hair out of your face and in check all while looking fabulous!


Keep your hair out of your face and in check all while looking fabulous!  Easy to use, this headband is a 2 for 1.  The ExpandBand head band expands to cover most of your head like a bandana or contracts for a classic headband look.  The elastic stretches easily so that you simply slide it over your head and position in place.  That's it!  Out the door and ready to go in no time!

Great for natural hair styles, bad hair days, those "on the go" don't want to do my hair days, working outside, exercising and more!

Expanda Headband circumference = 21 inches outstretched and 24 inches fully stretched
Expanda Headband width = 1.5 inches wide and expands up to 7 inches wide.

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