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Recipe Book - MyCo's Kitchen Adventures

Take a journey with MyCoCreations as Arminda shares 40+ quick, easy, healthy recipes to explore.




Take a journey with MyCoCreations as Arminda shares 40+ quick, easy, healthy recipes to explore. 

Whether you are a vegan, a meat eater, are in transition or just looking for a well-balanced variety of food to add to your lifestyle, MyCoCreations is here to assist you in getting creative in the kitchen while making great recipes that will surprise your taste buds.

  • All recipes are created with natural, organic and non-gmo ingredients.

  • We give you several ways to substitute so you can create your own unique recipes!

This recipe book features

  • Categories include Condiments/Seasonings, Breakfast/Dessert, Pick two and make it a meal, Fresh bread, Sip on this and Guiltless snack time

  • An information page which provides you with suggestions, tips, alternatives

  • 40+ recipes that will blossom into your own unique creative recipes

  • You will receive both formats. One specifically designed for tablet/smart phone/computer viewing and the other a .pdf document so you can print your favorite recipes and make note of your additions!

NOTE:  Your .pdf copy and link to the ebook version will arrive within 24 hours of purchasing.  If you are purchasing this as a gift or want to have the ebook sent to a different email address, please enter the email address in the comments section on the checkout page.